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Site Map

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  • About us
  • >Company profile
  • >Workshop environment
  • >Corporate Culture
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  • >Product video
  • Products
  • >Electric valve series

    -Wafer Centre-line Butterfly Valve(Eletric) -LT type wafer valve(Electric ) -Wafer Triple Offset Butterfly Valve(Electric) -High Performance Butterfly Valve(Electric) -Flange Center Plate Butterfly Valve(Electric) -Electric Triple Offset Flange Butterfly Valve(Electric) -V-ball valve(Electric) -Cast steel electric ball valve -Floating ball valve(Electric ) -V-type shut-off ball valve(Electric ) -O-type shut-off ball valve(Electric ) -Lining Ball Valve(Electric ) -Cast Steel Trunnion Type Ball Valve(Electric ) -Side Mounted Eccentric Hemisphere Valve (Electric) -Single Seat Control Valve (electronic) -Series Cage Guided Control Valve (electric) -Three-way control valve(electronic) -High temperature Control Valve (electronic) -Single Seat Control Valve(Intelligent) -Single Seat Control Valve (electric) -Double seat control valve (electric) -High pressure angle control valve (electric) -Wedge Gate Valves(Electric) -Flat gate valve(Electric) -Knife Gate Valve(Electric) -Electric cast steel globe valve -Direct acting diaphragm solenoid valve -Steam Solenoid Valve -Solenoid valve for liquid -Zero pressure start diaphragm solenoid valve -Pilot Piston Solenoid Valve -Stainless steel solenoid valve -Stainless steel zero pressure start diaphragm solenoid valve -Large Bore Pilot Piston Solenoid Valve -Intelligent integrated electric ball valve -Stainless steel electric ball valve -Electric actuator (fine and small) LDV-05 -Electric control valve (high pressure) -Electric gate valve (soft seal) -Electric actuator (fine and small) LDV-10 -Electric actuator (fine and small) LDV-15 -Electric actuator (fine and small) LDV-50 -Electric actuator (fine and small) LDV-200 -Electric actuator ( Explosion proof,fine and small) LDV-05 -Electric actuator (Explosion proof,fine and small) LDV-10 -Electric actuator (Explosion proof,fine and small) LDV-15 -Electric actuator (Explosion proof,fine and small) LDV-50/60 -Electric actuator (Explosion proof,fine and small) LDV-100/200 -CWX micro electric ball valve -Electric actuator (QT)LDV-QT-10 -Electric three-way ball valve -Electric three-way ball valve(UPVC) -Electric three-way ball valve -Electric wafer butterfly valve -Electric actuator (QT)LDV-QT-20 -Electric actuator (QT)LDV-QT-40/60 -Electric actuator (QT)LDV-QT-40/60 -Electric actuator (QT)LDV-QT-100 -Electric actuator (QT)LDV-QT-200 -Electric hard sealed flanged butterfly valve -Electric butterfly valve (outdoor type) -Stainless steel electric wafer butterfly valve -Explosion proof electric wafer butterfly valve -Ventilation butterfly valve(Electric)
  • >Pneumatic valve series

    -CNS Pneumatic floating ball valve -Stainless steel trunnion type ball valve (pneumatic) -Lining Ball Valve(Pneumatic) -V-ball valve(Pneumatic) -Forged Steel Trunnion Type Ball Valve(Pneumatic ) -Cast Steel Trunnion Type Ball Valve(Pneumatic) -Wafer Centerline Butterfly Valve(Pneumatic ) -Lug Type Centerline Butterfly Valve(Pneumatic ) -Pneumatic Lined Butterfly Valve(Wafer) -Wafer Triple Offset Butterfly Valve(Pneumatic) -Flange Center Plate Butterfly Valve(Pneumatic) -Stainless steel Triple offset flange butterfly valve (Pneumatic) -Ventilation butterfly valve(Pneumatic) -Pneumatic gate valve -Pneumatic gate valve with manual wedge -Single Seat Control Valve (pneumatic) -Series Cage Guided Control Valve (pneumatic) -Fluorine-lined control valve (pneumatic) -Bellows control valve (pneumatic) -Double seat control valve (pneumatic) -Three-way control valve (pneumatic) -High temperature control valve (pneumatic) -Diaphragm regulating valve (pneumatic) -Knife Gate Valve(Pneumatic) -Penetrating Knife Gate Valve (Pneumatic) -Wire Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve -Welded pneumatic angle seat valve -Quick Load Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve -Flanged Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve -Discharge Valve -Discharge Ball Valve(Pneumatic) -Pneumatic actuator
  • >Explosion proof valve series

    -Intelligent integrated electric ball valve -Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve -Pneumatic explosion-proof butterfly valve -Pneumatic explosion-proof ball valve -Explosion proof electric ball valve -Explosion-proof electric ball valve(Intelligent integration) -Explosion-proof electric ball valve(Corrosion resistance) -Explosion-proof electric ball valve -Explosion-proof electric ball valve(plastics)
  • >Central air conditioning valve series

    -AC808 LCD Thermostat -Electric two-way globe valve -three-way control valve(Electric) -proportional integral control valve(Flange) -Electric two-way valve -proportional integral control valve(Electric) -Dynamic balanced electric two-way valve -Electric two-way valve -Static balance valve -Digital Locking Balance Valve -Digital Lock Differential Pressure Balancing Valve -Dynamic balance constant flow valve -Brass Balance Valve -Electric two way valve (for floor heating) -Electric two-way ball valve(Large torque) -Electric two-way ball valve -Electric ball valve (Dedicated for condensate water) -Electric ball valve (three-wire two-control, three-wire one-control) -Electric two-way regulating ball valve -Electric three-way regulating ball valve -Electric two-way regulating ball valve -Proportional integral electric two-way valve -LDJF01F proportional integral thermostat -LDDN03 floor heating thermostat -LCD temperature controller (touch screen) -LCD temperature controller (large screen)
  • >Temperature control valve series

    -High precision electric temperature control valve group -Temperature control valve (electric) -Temperature Control Valve (self-operated) -High precision intelligent temperature controller LD916
  • >Manual valve series

    -Cryogenic ball valve -CNS cast steel gate valve(flange) -Stainless steelgate valve -API cast steel gate valve -CNS cast steel globe valve -Stainless steel globe valve -BS1873 cast steel globe valve -Bellows seal globe valve -Cast steel ball valve -Stainless steel ball valve -Cast steel Trunnion Type Ball Valve -Eccentric ball valve -CNS Standard Stainless Steel Check Valve -API Stainless Steel Check Valve -Cast steel check valve -Stainless Steel Lift Check Valve -Stainless steel vertical check valve -Stainless steel butterfly check valve -Wafer lift check valve -Ultra-thin check valve -Wafer Centre-line Butterfly Valve( Worm Gear ) -Wafer Triple Offset Butterfly Valve -Flange center plate butterfly valve(Worm Gear) -Stainless Steel Flanged Butterfly Valve(Worm Gear) -Three eccentric metal hard seal butterfly valve(Worm Gear) -Expansion Butterfly Valve -Double eccentric butterfly valve -Butt-welded bi-directional sealing butterfly valve -Discharge Valve -Discharge Valve -Angle discharge valve -Y type slurry valve -Cast steel plunger stop valve -Plunger gate valve -Angle plunger valve -Knife Gate Valve -Manual Lug Knife Gate Valve -Slurry Valve -Aluminum alloy pipe clamp valve -Stainless steel pipe clamp valve -Cast iron pipe clamp valve -API bellows gate valve -DIN bellows globe valve -API bellows stop valve -DIN Standard Y-type bellows globe valve -Manual regulating valve
  • >Universal valve series

    -100X Remote Control Float Ball Valve -200X Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve -300X Slow Closing Check Valve -400X Flow Control Valve -500X Self-acting Differential PressureBypass Valve -600X Electric Control Valve -700X Water Pump Control Valve -800X Self-acting Differential Pressure Bypass Valve -Self operated pressure regulating valve (direct acting type) -Front pressure regulating valve (self operated) -Pressure regulating valve (self operated) -Pressure regulating valve with controller (self operated) -Differential (micro) pressure regulating valve (self operated) -Spring piston pressure reducing valve -Steam pressure reducing valve -Fixed proportional pressure reducing valve -Free Float Steam Traps -Bell float steam trap -Flanged Inverted Barrel Steam Trap -Threaded Inverted Bucket Steam Traps -Thermodynamic disc steam trap -Bimetal Trap -Lever float steam trap -Thermostatic Capsule Steam Traps -UFS steam separator -Micro exhaust valve -High speed composite exhaust valve -Single Opening Exhaust Valves -Double port exhaust valve -Corrugated flame arrester -Flame retardant explosion-proof pipe flame arrester -Mesh flame arrester -All-weather breathing valve -Round-the-clock explosion-proof resistance fire breathing valve -type all-weather resistance fire breathing valve -Flanged Y-type filter -Y-shaped telescopic rod filter -Basket Strainer -Fully automatic backwash filter -Flange connected positive and negative baffle T-shaped filter -diffusion filter -Corner basket filter -Standard gas filter -High temperature and high pressure spring full open safety valve -Spring all the rev. Enclosed variable pressure relief valve -Bellows seal balance safety valve -Take the handle all the rev. Type the relief valve spring -Fully open safety valve with radiator spring -High temperature and high pressure main safety valve -Spring micro rev. Type the relief valve -Double spring type valve -Brass threaded gate valve -Brass threaded globe valve -Brass threaded ball valve -Brass horizontal check valve -Brass vertical check valve -Brass filter -Direct acting adjustable pressure reducing valve -Brass piston pressure reducing valve -Brass automatic one-way exhaust valve -Fire concealed rod gate valve -Fire rising stem gate valve -Fire signal non-rising stem gate valve -Fire-fighting groove rising stem gate valve -Worm gear fire signal wafer butterfly valve -Fire signal flange butterfly valve -Electric wafer butterfly valve -Handle fire groove butterfly valve -Worm gear signal groove butterfly valve
  • >Special material valve series

    -Dual phase steel gate valve -Dual phase steel butterfly valve -Dual phase steel hard sealed ball valve -Dual phase steel wafer check valve -904L gate valve -904L oxygen dedicated shut-off valve -Titanium gate valve -Titanium globe valve -Titanium ball valve -Titanium check valve -Titanium material discharge valve -Titanium alloy globe valve -Titanium alloy discharge valve -Titanium alloy ball valve -Titanium alloy check valve -Cryogenic Gate Valve -Cryogenic Ball Valve -Cryogenic Butterfly Valve -Cryogenic Globe Valve -High temperature and high pressure gate valve -High temperature and pressure valve -High temperature butterfly valve
  • >Forged steel valve series

    -Forged Steel Female Thread, Socket Welded Gate Valve -Forged Steel Internal Thread, Socket Welded Globe Valve -Self-sealing globe valve -CNS Forged Steel Flange Valve -API 602 Forged steel gate valve -API 602 Forged steel globe valve -CNS Forged Steel Flange Globe Valve -API 602 Forged Steel Flange Check Valve -Forged Steel Thread, Bearing Check Valve -Forged Steel Extended Body Gate Valve
  • >Sanitary valve series

    -Sanitary grade quick installation butterfly ball valve -Sanitary Wafer Butterfly Valve -Sanitary grade non retention ball valve -Sanitary threaded butterfly valve -Sanitary grade quick installation ball valve -Sanitary threaded check valve -Sanitary welded check valve -Sanitary grade quick installation diaphragm valve
  • >Marine valve series

    -Marine gate valve -Cast steel globe valve -Screw Wafer Butterfly Valve -Marine wave valve
  • Application
  • >Urban pipe network
  • >Chemical industry
  • >Electric power industry
  • >Oil exploitation
  • >Ship field
  • >Sewage treatment
  • News
  • >Company News

    -Warmly celebrate the official opening of the website of Shanghai Lidun Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • >Industry News

    -The global olefin industry will face periodic decline -The 7th China (Zibo) General Machinery Exhibition 2023 -The domestic steel market will present a grinding bottom -The exploration and development of shale oil has made great progress in many fields -The 11th China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition grand curtain, opening the first exhibition! 550 exhibitors to create 50,000 fluid machinery equipment feast. -What is the difference between hard seal butterfly valve and soft seal butterfly valve?
  • >Technical knowledge

    -Knife Gate Valve(Electric) -Flat gate valve(Electric) -How should the valve sealing gasket be installed? -Wedge Gate Valves(Electric) -High pressure angle control valve (electric) -Double seat control valve (electric) -Single Seat Control Valve (electric) -Single Seat Control Valve(Intelligent) -High temperature Control Valve (electronic) -Three-way control valve(electronic) -Series Cage Guided Control Valve (electric) -Single Seat Control Valve (electronic) -Side Mounted Eccentric Hemisphere Valve (Electric) -Cast Steel Trunnion Type Ball Valve(Electric ) -Lining Ball Valve(Electric ) -O-type shut-off ball valve(Electric ) -Floating ball valve(Electric ) -Cast steel electric ball valve -V-ball valve(Electric) -Electric Triple Offset Flange Butterfly Valve(Electric) -Flange Center Plate Butterfly Valve(Electric) -High Performance Butterfly Valve(Electric) -Wafer Triple Offset Butterfly Valve(Electric) -LT type wafer valve(Electric ) -Wafer Centre-line Butterfly Valve(Eletric) -What is the difference between a gate valve and a globe valve? -Hazards of abnormal pressure increase in gate valves -Pressure adjustment method for piston pressure reducing valve
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